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 Couple Therapy

The premise is to bring into focus issues deemed conflictual or irreconcilable. Couple therapy could help in understanding and resolving current and often long-standing conflicts within the relationship. Through couple therapy, decisions bout restoring, or in some cases, going separate ways, can be made and applied. 

Couple therapy might be helpful if you are experiencing:

  • Recurring disagreements

  • Lingering feelings of anger or contempt

  • Increased frustration and a sense of dishonesty

  • Feelings of distance or emptiness in the relationship

  • Feelings of doubt and mistrust

  • Resentment

  • Decline interest in a sexual relationship with one another

  • Feeling trapped in a perpetual conflict 

Together we work with the intent to identify and effectively manage or resolve conflicts and repeated patterns of distress. 

This may result in:

  • Enhanced problem resolution techniques

  • Effectively discussing differences

  • Adapting favorable channels of communication

  • Increased sense of partnership

  • Arrival at mutually agreeable decisions

  • Learn to accept each other strengths and weaknesses 

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