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Individual Therapy for Adults & Teens

The intent is to understand and alleviate psychologically-based pain or dysfunction and to promote well-being and personal growth. Psychotherapy is aimed at expanding on your sense of contentment, communication, and coping skills while lessening symptoms of depression, stress, and discontent. 

If you are feeling

It could be an indication of

  • Depressed and anxious

  • Irritable and agitated

  • Troubled by family relationships

  • Tense interpersonal relations

  • Persistent self-doubt

  • Pessimistic

  • Rejected and hurt

  • Sad and worried

  • Restrained and unfulfilled professionally 

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Panic

  • Poor coping skills

  • Fear of losing control

  • Medical issues

  • Infertility and miscarriage

  • Post-partum depression

  • Family issues

  • Separation

  • Divorce

  • Life transitions

  • Grief and mourning

Collaboratively we work to understand your complex feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that may restrict you. 

The intent is to

  • Decrease depressed and anxious symptoms

  • Increase tolerance and coping skills

  • Improve interpersonal relationships

  • Promote generalized well-being

  • Enhance self-esteem, confidence and decision making

  • Decreased feeling of isolation

  • Advance awareness into negative patterns of thinking and feeling

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